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展会 介绍

Xiamen disaster prevention, mitigation and emergency rescue technology and equipment exhibition, as one of the earliest professional exhibitions in China with the theme of safety and emergency response, has been successfully held for three consecutive times as scheduled since its preparation in 2018. The exhibition covers an area of 90000 square meters and serves nearly 1000 enterprises. The exhibition is dominated by all kinds of disasters and major emergencies, breaks through regional space restrictions, and gives full play to Fujian's geographical advantages. It is adjacent to Guangdong, Jiangxi and Zhejiang, faces the whole country, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions It radiates countries along the "the Belt and Road", BRICs countries, Southeast Asia and other countries.

According to the concept of "high specification, high standard, high requirement, practical and effective exhibition", the exhibition integrates and gathers domestic and foreign resources, builds a perennial, multi-dimensional and all-round service through online and offline forms, creates a professional and international business platform for domestic and foreign emergency management workers, production enterprises, user units, etc., helps enterprises to explore the southeast and international markets, promotes industrial development and industrial integration, Improve China's ability and level of handling emergency incidents, improve people's awareness of safety precautions and countermeasures, and promote the vigorous development of China's safety emergency cause!

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Exhibition Influence:

1. Scale: the total exhibition area is 90000 square meters;From 29 provinces, cities and autonomous regions;Nearly 600 enterprises participated in the exhibition;More than 40000 visitors;

2. Professional audience from (region / unit / Department):

◆ region: Hebei / Zhejiang / Hunan / Guangdong / Jiangsu / Anhui / Fujian / Shanghai / Hubei / Beijing / Jilin / Shandong / Henan / Guangxi / Jiangxi and other places;

◆ Industry Department: emergency rescue service / Emergency Management Bureau (Department) /Rescue team / scientific research institution / Veterans Service Center / import and export company / telecom operator / software development / construction unit / fire engineering / high tech Park / surveying and mapping / Bureau of Commerce / real estate / Business Association / fire equipment / biomedicine / Architectural Design Institute / college / Marine Engineering / water conservancy / port terminal / insurance / investment / Museum / Metro Group / Petrochemical Park / water / forest fire fighting / airport aviation / Garden / fire brigade / gas company / traffic / earthquake / Ocean, etc ;

3. Exhibition results: the total turnover of enterprises at the exhibition was 574.27 million yuan, including:

      On site retail: 13.22 million yuan; 32 contracts were signed, totaling 89.41 million yuan;

      67 agreed projects, totaling 134.98 million yuan;

      116 orders were reached, totaling 198.02 million yuan;

      Signed 35 agents and 168 intended agents;

      The satisfaction of exhibitors with the professionalism, specifications, scale, service and results of the exhibition reached 90.3%.

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